Real Self-Hypnosis Explained By A Hypnotherapist And How It Differs From Self-Hypnosis Downloads

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Real self-hypnosis is when you enter the hypnotic state by yourself and you use it to achieve your own goals. Real self-hypnosis is when you are your own therapist, it is when you are deep in a trance and you use it the way you want to use it. It is completely different from the passive listening to a self-hypnosis CD, when you let someone else’s voice lead you.

Real, active self-hypnosis may be compared to surfing a wave – you catch the wave and you ride it, and you steer your own board. You use the wave and its power, and you are on top of it. First you learn how to catch a wave, and then you can learn how to ride it better and better. In this same way you can learn to enter the hypnotic state first, and then learn the techniques to use your mind to its fullness and enjoy its power.

What is a hypnotic state? What is hypnosis itself?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. I am sure that you have been in hypnosis many times without knowing it. This is when you are focused on something so strongly that nothing else exists. For example, most people go into a trance when they dance: the focus is on the music and on the dance itself and it all flows. Try to dance when you are in a normal state, conscious of your body and your steps – it feels awkward, you miss the steps and your body is stiff.

The essence of hypnosis is the intense concentration on the chosen subject and the exclusion of everything else. It is like a beam of light which allows you to access the resources of your mind that are normally hidden in the dark. All that you need to learn is to catch this beam of light and use it to activate the part of your mind that you want to activate. When you learn how to do it yourself, you’ve learned real self-hypnosis.

How can you learn real self-hypnosis?

There are many ways to learn self-hypnosis, and there are many schools and many books written. With some approaches, especially when learned from books or by meditation, it can take years to master.

The best way to learn self-hypnosis is from within the hypnotic state. The experienced hypnotherapist can teach you the basic self-hypnosis technique in just one session. When you are in a deep hypnotic state, you are given suggestions how to do it yourself. Then you do it under the guidance of the hypnotherapist, to make sure you understand every step.

Once you learn how to enter the hypnotic state and stay there by yourself, you can learn more advanced techniques: first how to give yourself suggestions, then more advanced techniques like pain control, self-healing, techniques for studying, awareness-raising techniques and much more. Self-hypnosis is one of the best coaching tools as it allows you to train and rehearse in the hypnotic state, mastering the skills to perfection.

What are the limitations of self-hypnosis?

Sometimes a problem may be too complex to be solved in the self mode. If the problem affects you on a high level and causes strong personal distress, it is better to seek professional help. When you are deeply depressed, in trauma, in crisis, or in the power of a destructive habit, you need outside professional help which combines counselling with personalised therapy.

You need to also be cautious when healing the medical condition or removing pain and any physical symptoms. It is important that you do it under medical supervision and you tell your doctor if you have removed the symptoms.

How real hypnosis differs from listening to self-hypnosis audio?

There are many self-hypnosis CDs, some of them just teaching how to relax, and some claiming help and instant fixes in many areas, including lifelong phobias and past life regression. The relaxing, general wellbeing hypnosis CDs may be very beneficial, and if you enjoy them, keep enjoying. However, if listening to them becomes a chore and is boring, perhaps you should listen to some nice music because you will relax more when you enjoy what you hear.

When you listen to a self-hypnosis CD, you simply relax and let someone else’s voice lead you. In most cases you just listen to someone’s suggestions, and, yes, you learn to relax, and sometimes it even helps you deal with the particular issue it promises to help. There are many sophisticated self-hypnosis recordings that can put you deep into a trance – you can experience a great ride on the top of the wave – but it is not self-hypnosis, you are riding in somebody else’s boat, you are given somebody else’s solutions.

Sometimes, listening to a hypnotic CD may be dangerous. You need to know the limitations of self-hypnosis before you start listening to the self-hypnosis CD, especially the more sophisticated ones which may put you in a deep trance. If you are in a trauma, if you are experiencing strong depression or anxiety, and especially if you have any form of psychosis, a deep trance may be dangerous and can create strong distress.

The essential difference between real self-hypnosis and listening to a hypnosis CD is the active role which you take in real self-hypnosis. You enter the hypnotic state by yourself; you use it your own way, accessing your own unique resources the way it best works for you. The experience is very empowering itself, boosts self-confidence and enlightens. Real self-hypnosis simply works and it is very powerful because you know yourself best, you can create the powerful suggestions, you will use your own words which work for you, or you can even skip the words and just use your imagination – you can feel the suggestions instead of saying them.

Real, active self-hypnosis is the most empowering self-help method available. Every self-help method is based on self-hypnosis; every self-help method teaches how to use the power of the mind or uses suggestion to achieve goals; every self-healing method is based on self-hypnosis. When using real self-hypnosis, you can learn to access every aspect of your mind, you can use your mind to connect with your body and to heal it, you can access the troubling emotions and fears and clear them, and you can access the spiritual parts of your mind and expand your awareness.


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